Executive Benefits

Executive Benefits

Competitive pressures, economic forces, and regulatory activities are changing the face of executive compensation. Supplemental benefit plans can help fill the retirement income gaps created by legislative restrictions and limitations. I am able to design and service executive benefit programs that meet each clients particular objectives including but not limited to:

  •  Attract, retain and reward he top performers
  • Provide supplemental executive benefit programs
  • Defer executive compensation
  •  Upgrade director benefits
  • Provide financially attractive alternatives to traditional group term life insurance
  • Finance general post-retirement benefit obligations
Bank-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) and Company-Owned Life Insurance (COLI)  are very stable, low-risk sources of financing that can provide attractive tax-equivalent yields to help offset the rising costs of employee benefits. Typically, BOLI/COLI is an institutional life insurance arrangement designed for company’s to generate greater cash value growth than typical retail permanent insurance policies. In general, the company purchases life insurance on a group of eligible key employees. The company pays the premiums, and is the owner and beneficiary of the insurance policies. The policies become part of the company’s assets. BOLI/COLI offer two strategic advantages. First, it helps a company diversify its investment portfolio with an asset that helps to enhance earnings and balances liquidity and risk factors. Second, it can be utilized as an efficient asset/liability management tool. It is a low maintenance asset that involves:
  • No collection efforts;
  • No loan loss provision;
  • No origination costs; and
  • No servicing by company personnel


Let’s work together to analyze your needs. Please Contact Me so I can then help decide what products and services would be right for you and your business. 



  • Income for the Long Run

    A longevity annuity can bring some stability to a retirement strategy by providing a steady income late in life.

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